Wheel Alignment

We offer complete Alignment Service for both 2- wheel and 4-wheel drive cars including shimming. We have qualified technicians that work with state-of-the-art technology. We use John Bean Alignment systems.

We offer a full service to Align your tyres to perfect specifications. 

Our minimum charge for Wheel Alignment is $10 depending with vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

When to align your car

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Your car is drifting to one side
  • The steering wheel is vibrating
  • The car is driving straight, but the steering wheel logo is off-center.
  • After replacing suspension components e.g. shocks, bushes, steering knuckles, tie rod ends.

Advantages of wheel alignment

  • Increase fuel efficiency.
  • Reduce expensive auto repairs especially suspension components
  • Experience smoother driving
  • Improve vehicle safety.
  • Increase the life of your tyres.

How Often Should I Have Tyres Aligned

Wheel alignment is recommended every 8,000-10,000kms or after every 6 months, whichever comes first. For bad roads earlier intervals is recommended.If you mostly use bad roads, regular intervals are recommended.

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