Tyre Size

Your tyre’s sidewall contains all the information about your tyre that you’ll need. Here’s a little guide to what all those numbers and letters mean:

tire size

Construction Type

conctruction type 1

The letter in tyre size designation indicates the type of tyre-in this case R stands for Radial Construction.

Over 98% of passenger tyres sold today are radial tyres. Other construction symbols include:

  • D – (Diagonal) for bias ply tyres.
  • RF – Radial Run Flat tyres
  • ZR – Ultra- high performance tyres where Z in the speed rating (over 240km/h) and R indicates radial construction.
Sidewall MarkingExplanation
*Original Tyres For BMW & Mini
AOriginal Tyres For Toyota (Auris)
A0Original Tyres For Audi
AROriginal Tyres For Alpha Romeo
AZOriginal Tyres For Alpha Romeo
BSLBlack Serrated Letters
BSWBlack Sidewall
CZOriginal Tyres For Subaru
DSSTDunlop Self Supporting Technology (Run Flat Technology)
EMTExtended Mobility Technology (Run Flat Technology) – Goodyear
EXLExtra Load
FOOriginal Tyres For Ford
FRFlange Rim Protection
GOriginal Tyres For Volkswagen (Golf)
JOriginal Tyres For Jaguar
LROOriginal Tyres For Land Rover
M&SMud & Snow
M&TMud & Terrain
M+SMud & Snow
M+TMud & Terrain
MFSMaximum Flange Shield
MOOriginal Tyres For Mercedes
MO1Original Tyres For Mercedes (AMG)
MOERun Flat Technology – Mercedes Benz
N0Original Tyres For Porsche, First Approved
N1Original Tyres For Porsche, Second Approved
N2Original Tyres For Porsche, Third Approved
N3Original Tyres For Porsche, Fourth Approved
N4Original Tyres For Porsche, Fifth Approved
N5Original Tyres For Porsche, Sixth Approved
N6Original Tyres For Porsche, Seventh Approved
ORWLOutlined Raised White Lettering
OWLOutline White Lettering
R0Original Tyres For Audi (Quattro & S)
R01Original Tyres For Audi
RFTRun Flat Technology – Pirelli, Firestone & Bridgestone
ROFRun On Flat – Goodyear
RWLRaised White Lettering
SLStandard Load
SSRSelf-Supporting Run Flat (Run Flat Technology) – Continental
TLTubeless Tyre
TTTube-Type Tyre
VOOriginal Tyres For Volkswagen (Touraeg)
VSBVertical Serrated Band
WSWWhite Sidewall
XLExtra Load
ZPZero Pressure (Run Flat Technology) – Michelin